Battery Backup for CPAP Camping or Emergency Power
  • Battery Backup for CPAP Camping or Emergency Power

Battery Backup for CPAP Camping or Emergency Power

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Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack Camping for CPAP Travel, Emergency Power Storage


Why choose this Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack?

We found there are many CPAP User, but there is no Massive Capacity and Most Compatible Power Battery pack mainly designed for CPAP. Our CPAP Battery pack is just the product for that purpose when hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, floods and other seasonal disasters have the potential to cause power outages in your area. This can be a problem if you use a CPAP machine for sleep therapy. It’s also the typical travel season when people visit friends and family for the holidays. Fortunately, alternatives for effective and affordable CPAP power bank are currently available.

It is reported that almost 85% of CPAP users ALWAYS take their CPAP with them when they travel! so besides the three DC12/DC15V/DC24V output for CPAP with various voltage, we also designed one fast charging 5V 2.4A USB output for Smartphone.Tablet and other 5V USB powered devices. So even you are far away from an wall outlet, you can still have your laptop, cpap, smartphone, iPad Powered. It provides a wonderful experience with our excellent CPAP power bank.


About the product

LONGEST LASTING Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack: Highest Capacity 146Wh,56000mAh Power your  AC Output 100-240V  CPAP or BiPAP machine, Compatible with ALL CPAP/BiPAP Machine and other AC Output 100-240V.

Compatible with ALL CPAP/BiPAP Machines,Provides convenient backup during power outages. For CPAP/BiPAP machines it is reccomended to remove or turn off the Humidifier to get up to 30-50 hours of usage, about 3-5nights. 

TRAVEL/CAMPING COMPANION: It features One DC Output 12V 5A  which is designed for devices Such as CPAP/BiPAP Machine((*Use DC-DC converter from your CPAP and you will get longer hours of use), Camera , Led Light Bulb/ Led Strip Light, Fans,Laptops and and One Standard Fast Charging 5V 3A USB Port is Designed for any 5V USB Powered Device like Smartphone, Tablet and More. Provide Convenient Backup during Power Outages and When Power is not Available.


PORTABLE&LIGHTWEIGHT: Net Weight about 1.22kg, Size is 19cm*17cm*6.5cm. Possibly the Smallest Size for Such High Capacty on the Market. Easy to Carry with the Ergonomic Handle. Great for an Emergency, Camping and Traveling.


SAFETY GUARANTEED: It Built in Samsung Battery Cell, High Cost and Highly Qualified Battery Cell Ensure its Safety. Battery Management System undertakes Over/Low Voltage Control, High/Low Temperature Control,Over-current / Short-circuit Protection and more Advanced safety Operations, Ensuring Complete Protection for You and Your Device.

Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack For Camping:


Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack for camping’s sturdy yet compact body encases a remarkable 146WH 56000mAh large capacity and weighs only 2.7lbs with an easy-carry handle. Designed to be a travel-friendly power station for powering up most devices less than 100 watts, very lightweight and compact, easy to take around when you go around to put into your backpack.


Travel: The perfect solution for remaining compliant with your CPAP or BiPAP therapy when enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, taking adventures on the road, or riding the high seas. Meets FAA requirements for lithium-ion batteries taken in carry-on baggage during air travel.

Power Outages: Never worry about sleepless nights without your CPAP therapy during power outages. Simply plug the CPAP or BiPAP

 Battery into the wall outlet and connect your CPAP or BiPAP device to the battery. When AC power is available it will bypass the battery cells to power your device but during an outage the battery will recognize the loss of AC power and automatically begin powering your CPAP or BiPAP


Other Devices: As an added bonus the USB port and/or included DC input cord let you use the Moeyah CPAP Battery to charge other small electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.


Estimated Run Times:

The CPAP Battery will power all models of CPAP machines and Respironics System One, Respironics M Series,Resmed series,HDM Z1 devices for more than 20-40Hours about 3-4night before needing to be charged. Run times are estimates and depend upon several factors including CPAP device type and pressure setting,and if the Heater humidifer is removed or not. Run times are based on CPAP devices without the use of heated humidification or heated tubing on a pressure setting of 10 cm/H2O.


What You Get

Package comes with:

1x 146W Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack

1x 100V-240v 60w wall adapte

1x Cigarette lighter adapter

1x User Manual


It's has a universal power point. You can use the Ac output slot to connect CPAP to the power bank.

Moyeah Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack Camping
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