Beyond EaseFit Full Face Mask
  • Beyond EaseFit Full Face Mask

Beyond EasiFit Full Face Mask

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Product features 

Forehead spinner 

♦ worm gear and worm drive design 

♦ stepless regulating forehead pad location 

♦ adjust position can be self-locked 


High comfort level pad 

♦ activity type soft mat 

♦ elastic adjustable 

♦ with air holes 


The plug type vent outlet 


Adjustable height two masks 

♦ according to face length, height of two levels: the mask 


Air intake and exhaust isolation type design 

♦ carbon dioxide emissions are timely and effective 

♦ breathing more comfortable and more fully 


Comfort silicone mask 

♦ medical grade tasteless liquid silicone 

♦ two-layer structure design, good air tightness, high comfort 

♦ convenient tear open outfit, easy to clean masks 

♦ high temperature disinfection 


Provide oxygen interface and testing 


Can rotate 360 degrees 

♦ nighttime sleep wear more flexible 


BianJieXing head belt buckle 

♦ arc type design, can rotate 

♦ three-dimensional automatic adjustment, automatic positioning buckle 

♦ convenient way of unloading 


Operation process 

1. Before wearing the mask attach the headgear to both sides of the top of the mask and both sides of the mask clips.

2. Gently place the mask into the correct position on your face and adjust the top headgear to be firm but NOT tight.


3. Attach the bottom straps to the mask using the clips and adjust to be firm but NOT tight. (I always say have your mask as loose as possible WITHOUT it LEAKING. 

4. Adjust the dial at the top of the mask to adjust the pressure on the top of your nose. Again NOT tight. 

Beyond EasiFit Full Face Mask
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